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Our Employee Engagement Survey Story

Our Founder, Randy Starr, became an employee engagement survey expert a different way… He started his career with Marriott International many years ago as a part-time front desk clerk and was leading General Managers of properties when he left the Hospitality Industry. He realized great success during those years by simply following the philosophy and famous quote of J. Willard Marriott, “Take care of your employees, and they will take care of your customers”.

He left the Hospitality Industry to build an employee engagement survey company that he has successfully run for the last 17 years. His quest to assist organizations to develop and grow their employee engagement is very easy to realize, after a short conversation with Randy.

Over those 17 years, Randy has read millions of employee comments and identified 5 areas that seem to be a theme. So he has now decided that just surveying is not enough, he wants to take it up a notch and thus the 5 Starr Engagement Process.

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Our Employee Engagement Survey Approach

To make a real change and experience employee engagement growth there needs to be a complete evaluation of your current situation. We start by administering an anonymous engagement survey that is custom tailored to your organization, reflecting your culture, vision, mission, and values.

Then analytics we provide our clients lets them make informed decisions on where to work, not a vague suggestion – but a direct indicator of which small area of your organization needs help.

The 5 Starr Engagement Process

This process was created for the client who truly understands that Employee Engagement drives their business and wants a partner who has years of experience to help guide them through the determination, growth, and maintenance of Employee Engagement. This process requires us to have face to face conversations with your executive management, field management, supervisors and hourly employees. These conversations can take place via meetings, Skype calls or in some instances conference calls.

These conversations take place before any survey is conducted and then again after the survey results are published. We then work with the various employees to develop a plan that is easy to understand and implement, to grow the engagement. This plan is developed by the employees and management, therefore a collaboration and not a downward demand or policy.

We then continue to monitor the engagement on a semi-annual, tri-annual or quarterly plan. We do this by executing pulse surveys and watching the areas of concern to see if the action taken is correcting the issues.

We don’t just partner with our clients for engagement reasons only, we love to help their community as well as ours.

Many of the people we talk to are overwhelmed by Employee Engagement and the processes it requires. Our goal is to help you solve the puzzle.

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