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Fairness is a tricky part of the engagement puzzle. Mainly because of my perception of fairness, is probably different than yours. When an associate says that the schedule is not fair, that means it is not fair to that associate, but others time-clock at workwith the exact same schedule may disagree. It all boils down to our perception…remember your perception is your reality and my perception is my reality. One must tread lightly until you have a very good relationship with your team. Once you have built that relationship, you will understand the differences between each employee.

Most fairness issues are not something that is done on purpose blind lady with scalesbut rather done out of the lack of understanding. Going back to the schedule issue mentioned above; If you have an employee that needs certain days off and those are granted, when you are unable to grant the same to another employee…that will be viewed as unfair. I am pretty sure most of us have encountered this issue on occasions and will probably continue to encounter.

Favoritism or what I refer to as the “F” word in teams is like a dose of poison to everyone. This is the pinnacle of being unfair as far as I am concerned. Again, favoritism is not necessarily created on purpose…most of us create relationships at different levels and this can be viewed as having a favorite. If the person that you have a more robust relationship with gets something that others don’t, it will most certainly be viewed as favoritism. This “something” could be as minor as your time or conversation or as major as weekends off…back to the schedule.

The best way to avoid favoritism is to step back and evaluate your relationships within your team with favoritism as evaluation form the main concern. If you find that you could be “tipping” in favor of one or more employees, you can fix that issue by giving more to the other members of the team. I really like to see leaders wandering around the hotel, especially within their department of responsibility. It gives you the ability to connect with all members of the team and learn from them…and it is hard for someone to point a finger at you when you just spent 20 minutes helping them make beds or clean toilets.

If you would like to find out if you have a fairness issue contact us.

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