Making the Invisible Employee Problem a Visible Employee Opportunity

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I have always believed that the majority of employees, workers, associates, team members…whichever term you use at your organization are good and they want to do a good job. I also believe that the majority of managers, department heads, team leaders, executive committee members…whichever term you use at your organization are good and they want to a good job. Technically everyone at work is an employee…just different levels. So when I say that I can make an invisible employee problem become a visible employee opportunity…I am not just limiting that to hourly compensated employees.

The problem is invisible but the symptoms are not, and in most cases, you just can’t put your finger on the problem. You know you have a challenge with expenses, you know you have more turnover than you should, you know that your guest/customer reviews and ratings could and should be higher, but regardless of your efforts and your attempts to analyze…you just don’t see a problem.

Have you ever seen the picture of the old lady that is also a picture of a young lady? Of course, you have, it is quite popular. This starts to explain why problems are not evident to you immediately. You look at things the way you look at things…make sense? Your perception is your reality. The way you were raised by your parents, what you learned in school, how you were trained and mentored all have influenced how you view or analyze situations. Which means that what you see as a problem another person may not see at all.

Have you ever heard or used the expression, I want another set of eyes on this? Meaning I want someone with a fresh perspective to look at this and give me an opinion. This is exactly what the 5 Starr Engagement does…except we have the luxury of over 30 years of Hospitality Industry experience, 17 years of Employee Engagement Survey experience and a CEO who has read millions of employee engagement comments left by employees in the Hospitality Industry. When we look at your symptoms, problems jump off the page at us! We can diagnose the situation quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Basically, we can shine a very bright light into the dark room of problems and show you where it is hiding.

We can stop right there…and with some of our clients we do, because they have a very good handle on their engagement strategy and do not require assistance. However, if your organization is not equipped for developing engagement strategies or culture development, we can assist. The 5 Starr Engagement Process is a complete engagement strategy that is developed specifically for your organization. Through a series of conversations with all levels of the organization, an engagement survey and usage of the facility as a guest/customer, we develop a custom program that will not just shine a very bright light into the room of problems, but actually, flip the switch and turn on the light.

This program was developed for a select group of clients who understand the massive effect that employee engagement can have in the Hospitality Industry.


If you would like to get more information about 5 Starr Engagement or the 5 Start Engagement Process, feel free to contact.

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