Why You Are Not Engaged

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OK, I could have said Why You Are Engaged…but since 70% of US workers are not, I thought I would speak to the larger audience. So, are you, or aren’t you? Or possibly you are some days, and then on others, you don’t feel engaged at all? man looking indifferent

Obviously, this is just between you and me, but if you are not planning your Monday on Sunday evening…you may not be engaged. If you don’t get to work early so you can get started…you may not be engaged. If you leave right on time…you may not be engaged. These are just a few of the symptoms of the non-engaged employee. If you have any of these symptoms or some that I did not list, but you know you are not as gung ho as you could…the question you need to be asking is WHY? Why am I not an engaged employee?

Are you missing one of these five? Could be that you feel left out? Which would mean you are not receiving the amount of communication that you need. Do you feel like just another employee…a number? That would mean you are not receiving the amount of recognition you need. Are you lacking some confidence in a certain area of your job? That would mean that you have not received enough training to give you the confidence you need. Do you feel like one of your co-workers or some of your co-workers are getting some preferential treatment? That would mean you don’t feel like you’re being treated fairly. Do you feel like your boss or someone higher on the org chart talks down to you? That would mean you are not receiving the amount of respect you need.

In short, if you don’t feel like you are doing the best you could…you are not fully engaged and it could be due to one of the five reasons mentioned. Take a quick self-assessment and see if you can determine what you are lacking…then you may want to try and correct the situation…could be that simple. You also want to make sure that you are not creating an issue for your team! Get to know your team members and find out what they need…and learn how to bring out the best in everyone around you!

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